A gig in the “Nieuwe Regentes”

The “Regentes”

was the swimming pool where I got my swimming certificate, and now becomes the place where I will do my first performance at the Hague Guitar Festival in my hometown.

Richard Heeres

is the builder of all my guitars and the pivot of  the festival . I’m going to play there on my beautiful Adirondack-OM (eh .. a civilized little steel-stringed model) and my Hollowbody (think Jazz), obviously both made by Richard.

In advance;

I will tell you how I came to write and perform  my repertoire.

I’ll talk briefly and then play the whole album with;

some images in the background

Made by a number of artists who sometimes work classically with ink. So I had to scan the artwork . And another is a “motion designer” that I only know by W’app and emailing. The result is a moving 25-minute backdrop.

Where and When;

De Nieuwe regentes

Weimarstraat  63

The Hague Holland