Guitar pedals and lenses



Anyone who aspires to become a photographer, will first buy a professional camera with a good lens. That makes sense ,  because you can get started! However, it becomes quickly clear that the world is bigger than what your lens can see. If the subject is  a hungry tiger , please do not employ  a lens that is suitable for an equally hungry caterpillar.       This insight prolongs  your career  anyway.

Choices, Choices

That means,  you’re going to look at the site of a company that is without any doubt called  To find something that is suitable for the strong impact of the light where the tiger lives , and performs exactly the best at that distance where a gazelle is going to be  butchered. The reality is tougher,  than the inspiration when you started your little Fotographers- company.

A world of possibilities unfolds with customized products. espacially In the case of lenses , which all are much less expensive than those huge ivestments that take cameras and associated software. Every few months, you can just buy a new lens that increases your opportunities ….. and reduces your savings.


What parallels there are, to the urge to be a guitarist.

You can buy a good guitar and a solid amp and then play in a band with a “tight” drummer. Every band needs its own sound. Because you  do not , can not and should not , sound exactly like the rest in that segment where your taste is.

A top-notch amp  is a mega-investment in money and a back-rupture. He gives you a loud, full and warm sound b. But that is like a prepared piece of linen on a stretcher. Without coloring and “Shaping your sound” is a solid electric guitar just as hairy as the mons pubis of Christina Aguilera.

Time to buy pedals!

just for non-guitarists;  pedals  are small devices that can be switched-on with your foot, then let your axe cracks, echo, vibrate, ultrasound and etc.

Here comes the analogy with the lenses. Pedals are no major investment!  You can buy a new one every few months. . It increases your range of choices and reduce your bank account.( and you can discuss about them in the pub )

Imagicial is: guitars and synths

Inthe  synthesizer and  guitar world is “analog” a great thing. Analog in the sense of ; not digital. Digital  can well imitate , but it’s like clones. You never run the risk that one device is different from the other. It is not fake, it’s an imitation.

Consequently,  is in the world of synthesizers is a movement towards a basic rack with electricity and arranged space for … separate analog devices ,  each of which are not expensive. You increase opportunities and ………. … (you can discuss them in the pub)


This sounds like a group of people (remarkably often men) with an urge to buy things with cables and so on.

But I give you the following contemplation:

As a live guitarist and studio musician. I’ve noticed ,  that if you need to play quick lick, it is better  if you have a guitar that is responding just the right way. The feedback between your ears and your actions is so fast that your subconscious , corrects the same actions. The same applies if you play slowly. At a very slow pace, timing is really difficult because it is testing your ability to concentrate. Even then, an inspiring sound helps you out . An inspiring environment not only controls your mood but also your practical being and doing.

umm ….. I recently saw an dalaypedal  that better emulates that beautiful tape-copycats  of yesteryear … in an analog way!! What if I sell some old shit ……