A wonderful adirondack topped OM guitar. Imagicials finest

The OM

Imagicials finest and most played acoustic guitar was built by Richard Heeres. (Http://www.heeresguitars.nl/) It is built along the lines of the Martin OM models from the 1940s. At that time there was still rampant use of Rio rosewood from Brazil. However, there is an import and sales ban. As this tree is cut down too much.

The Side and back

Imagicials Gitaren de achterkant van de OM

This copy is therefore indian rosewood. which sounds fantastic with  delicious full mid-frequencies. The wood has a beautiful purple glow,  unfortunately that’s  difficult to see in the photo.

The top

Imagicials gitaren de OM'

The top is Adirondack. The Adirondack spruce is seen by steelstring builders as the holy grail. This guitar has an always beautifully balanced sound when hard “strummed”. That has much to do with the wonderful wood at the top.


The neck is bolt-on, and is stabilized on the inside of the cabinet with carbon fiber. This style is little authentic but does ensure that this guitar remain playable. The sound does not suffer, in my experience.