28 February 2019 Interview with Robin

Robin Kirpensteijn is a poet who regularly performs with Imagicial. Her poetry has humour and

21 January 2019 Gear

Gear You should'nt talk too much about stuff with Tubes.Transistors, Xlr-connectors and so on. You should

24 October 2018 Adventures in Bminor

Preliminary survey Usually at first, I explore the scale I'm intending to use. Iwas aiming

24 October 2018 A new Collab!!!

Who? Imagicial of course, and a Poet , named Robin Kirpensteyn. What type of.. entertainment? A mixture

7 January 2018 Arpeggio

Last night; I was rehearsing arpeggio's, a guitar-technique-thingy were you play as much strings per