Steady pace an imagicial song

A video wall   (at this moment not yet that big)

When I play live, I do have a background of  video material projected by a beamer.

On my daily quest for  proper images and movies , I found in the shutterstock collection this magical clip.

No people

A clip in which  perfect modern buildings pass by in a slow tempo. They are obviously new and their purpose is  to be business offices.

But their windows don’t shine, they’re just mirrors , the metal-plated walls don’t sparkle. The atmosphere is a bit melancholic. All because of the fact that there are no human beings.

Steady pace: my song inspired by baroque music.

I immediately realized , it was a perfect match with “steady pace ” the second song of my Imagicial album “it was an epoch”

even the tempo of the song fitted with the video.

Not like “my  Imagicial video clip”

It is not like the video clip made for me . Not custom made,by far not as beautiful , but it gave me a nice “movie-backdrop”.