Guitar Festival in The Hague Holland

Here’s a report in two and a half minutes

of a frantic, joyful, slightly chaotic day. I had at this gig the time to tell the audience , what the reason is why I play just with a pick. After that I played the album “it was an epoch” integral.

There was a beamer and a screen

so it looked like it was not just a party for their ears but also a feast for the eyes.


there were some technical difficulties, and I dont mean that brilliant Paul Gilbert song. There was just a VGA-connection to the beamer so I had to switch to plan B, wich was my second laptop. I play “Introitis” wich takes exactly 57 seconds to play if I choose the right tempo (after that the backgroundmusic starts on the computer). And if I don’t , no problem I’ll improvise my way out.


after 57 seconds there was this spooky silence…… should I keep on trying to restart? Curse Bill Gates?I just grabbed my trusty philips mediaplayer and did the gig without all my video-stuff. Of course that was plan C

I have to admit

I was a bit out of balance the first song , but regained confidence the third song. It’s better  not be to  too sensitive at those moments, i’ll have to learn.  but it ended not too bad after all. Live footage will be on the site  soon.