You can download Imagicials Mp3’s for what it’s worth


If you want,  you can go to my soundcloud page , and download my music.

Beware.., these are mp3’s. You here the frequencies and somewhat of the dynamics. But, if you like it , I advise you to buy a Flac or a Wav from the site. And enjoy the wide, “3D’ , stereo Image of my music. Next Album will be High-Res!!  This one is CD-quality.

I kindly ask you , to pay me what you think it’s worth. You can do so by bank. I know …. it is a bit complicated but; you pay the artist a 100%.

My IBAN is: NL86 INGB 0003932404   bic:INGBNL2A   if you send me your email with it ,  I’ll keep you informed of new releases