Imagicial’s first step abroad


After a facebook promotion, it became clear that best chances for me and my music are in France and … the city of Brussels in Belgium. I’ve got no network of friends or business-contacts over there, so I needed a start.

on the internet I found “la tricoterie” , a place who organises a “scene ouvert” every monday in St-Gilles, a part of this town.


Because I  want to use as little  gas as possible , I went there by train. Which is always nice if you travel from the Netherlands to Belgium. The stations there may look old and worn, in fact the railways are well-organised and always on time. I had a heavy suitcase (with monitors and Di’s and cables and toothbrushes and so on). Because I couldn’t find a technical rider of the place I took a lot of diffirent devices with me, to rule out the possibility of misconnection.

Walk on…..

When I arrived in Brussel I had to walk to the venue, to check in. After that I walked to my budget hotel to.. well..check in.

Believe me, a suitcase that heavy is a burden, even when it rides on four (little) wheels. Every modern city has his streets under construction. To me it seems that the half of the capital of Belgium is only accessible with all -terrainbikes. When I finally arrived in my room-for-the-night my back and my arms were stressed and stretched out.

La tricoterie

is a beautiful place on a busy street. But you need control your own sound. The Technical guy was cooperative, capable and friendly but.. also over-worked. There is no soundcheck and I’m not shure if anyone further than the first few tables could hear me properly.


Still it was a nice adventure and I learned a lot. Please watch the little documentary below. And please Like me on: